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Representation before all Bulgarian and international judicial and arbitral bodies. Litigation and litigation. ..

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Practice areas
Civil law; Contractual law
Providing legal servicing in all areas/fields of the civil law. Bulgarian citizenship, temporary and permanent stay and residence in Bulgaria of foreign citizens. Authorization and re-authorization transactions. Protection against injury, etc.

Corporate law
Performing the necessary registration of different legal groups: legal and tax registrations of sole traders, commercial companies, non-personified companies, commercial groups - consortia, holding structures, etc; wholly owned subsidiaries, branches and representative offices of foreign companies; registrations before all Bulgarian institutions; registration of further changes related to the legal statute of the above mentioned economic subjects; Reconstruction and reorganization of commercial companies.

Real estate law
Protection of the real estate rights (property and limited property rights) and protection of possession. Property purchase. Preparation of transactions with real estate rights.

Family law
Legal protection during divorce, practicing parental rights (custody disputes), fatherhood (paternity), owning/fathering (recognition) a child, placing under guardianship, adoption, partition.

Labour and social security law
Legal protection of the employers, including representing before law-court. Preparation of collective and individual employment agreements. Legal servicing of the employers' interests, including court litigation. Consultations on the changes of the legislation governing social security and labour relations.

Law of obligations
Preparation of preliminary and final contracts (purchases, barters, rents, loans for servicing out and for consumption, grants, deposits, productions, errands, agreements, citizens' associations, etc.).Termination of contracts through the court and out-of-court. Agreements. Protection against illegal actions of the debtors, etc.

General administrative law
Legal help for attendance in resolving administrative proceeding problems. Administrative and court appeals against individual administrative acts or traverses for these acts to be issued. Appeals against penal decrees issued according to the provisions of the Law on the Administrative Offences and Punishments, etc.

Criminal law
Skilled legal help in all fields, phases and stages from the trial procedure - preliminary inquest (arrest, examination of the suspect, bringing a charge, examination of the accused, presenting of the inquiry and other investigating actions) and legal proceedings. Criminal private actions. Bringing a civil suit in the criminal procedure. Legal rehabilitation.

Representation before all Bulgarian and international courts and arbitration authorities. Conducting of litigation proceedings.

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